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For over a decade, Via Nuon has been quietly creating a treasure trove of ethereal, outré folk.


Limited edition cassettes of Angler Senses w/lyric insert can be ordered here: https://astralbevel.bandcamp.com/album/angler-senses


BEVEL Twin Knowledge LP

(This 180 gram vinyl comes with digital download)

Release date:6/4/2013

Label: Maroon Desert Fountain

Track Listing: 

1. Antipodes (section III) 2. Pal O’ Mine 3. Southeastern Melody 4. Water Tastes Like Wine 5. The Sheltering Palms, Emma’s Tune 6. 47 Steps, Rusted Heart 7. Drosophila M. 8. Orca Wails 9. A Coral House In The Vein Of Coats 10. Our 2nd Winter Correspondence 11. Conscience For Sale 12. Roadside Flares 13. Piece of Mirror 14. Some Approach As to When 15. The Equatorial Monarch 16. Traffic Juice 17. Woodland Terrace 18. When Night Forms 19. White Beard


Twin Knowledge LP
phoenician album cover.jpg

BEVEL Phoenician Terrane

Release date:10/9/2007

Label: Contraphonic

Track Listing: 

1. Paradiso 1491 2. Low Income Glade 3. Mirandola Suite 4. Little Red One 5. Since the World 6. In Solitude, Without Sickness 7. The Purchase 8. A Forest Ends 9. Balustrada 10. Lezah Rof 11. Vice Versa (Protect What You Love) 12. Crime Produces Prejudice 13. Coronation Day 14. Quiet Resort II


$8.00 in the US

Marionettes album cover.jpg

BEVEL Down The Puppet String, Marionettes 

Release date1/24/2004

Label: Jagjaguwar

Track Listing: 

1. Punch & Judy Reconnassaince 2. Teas 3. Steeple Drum 4. Kitchen War Song 5. From the Private Life of E. Lear 6. Last of the Pastoral


$5.00 in the US

Where Leaves cover.jpg

BEVEL Where Leaves Block The Sun

Release date1/22/2002

Label: Jagjaguwar

Track Listing: 

1. Exitrance 2. Generosity 3. Once a Pond 4. Lamp Post 5. Transparent Object Near the Plaza 6. Siberian Sunrise 7. Through Reflection Inhabits 8. Theme For Harold 9. Liquid Burns 10. Saint Peter's Burg 11. Stalled! In the Collapsing House 12. Oklahoma 13. Prologue of the Recalcitrance


 $8.00 in the US

turn the furnace on.png

BEVEL Turn The Furnace On

Release date9/11/2000

Label: Jagjaguwar

Track Listing: 

1. Presence 2. Steeple 3. Parachutes In September 4. The Husband 5. Our Winter Correspondence 6. Trench 7. Song For Janusz (King Of Children) 8. In The Flavian Amphitheatre 9. Kite Lesson For the Dying 10. Blackbird 11. Broken Staircase 12. Convalescence


$8.00 in the US

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